Six Passions and Love-Life Scripts

A Red-hot Lover tends to focus on one of six passions. These particular passions have been very popular for at least 1000 years, since the medieval courtly love period. It’s no wonder that they have filtered so far down into our culture and emotions that we have people living their lives for them.

You basically fall into thinking, feeling and behaving in a particular way when you’re in love. You don’t realize it but over time you make decisions about yourself and your life as a lover. When you do this, you basically set yourself up with a script to follow in your love-life. It’s like having a script in a movie; it tells you the actions to take and the path to follow.

In the case of Red-hot Lovers, each of the six passions produces a script. It’s possible to have one or more that govern your thoughts, feelings and behaviors at times.

Passion is heartbreak; Script is Lovesick Lover: You don’t understand how a truly loving relationship can go so terribly wrong that ending it is the only option. Your passion is trying to prevent, or at least come to terms with this devastating event. You take on the role of the lover in limbo. This means you are forever trying to justify that your relationship has the stuff to continue and accept that at the end of the day it may just not be enough.

Passion is challenge; Script is Prince/Princess: When you think about being in a close loving relationship, you have the feeling that you lack confidence. You need to feel understood, be intrigued and conclude that you have a sure thing. That’s your passion, the challenge, because then and only then will you let your lover in. As the Prince/Princess, you love the grandeur and the relief that you can finally feel secure.

Passion is pursuit; Script is Lover’s Fool: You tap into your deepest, strongest feelings to decide who and what to pursue. This is where your passion takes you. Your role then is to put blinders on and plow forward giving chase for all you’re worth. There are those who will see you as a fool, especially if at the end of the day you don’t succeed. But, you ask yourself who will have the last laugh if you score bigger and better than anyone could have imagined possible.

Passion is gallantry; Script is White Knight: As someone with a noble calling and the capacity for glory, you feel like you’re riding pretty high. You love being the rescuer because you tap into all of that passion and do a good deed to boot. In your script, you try to be humble but you receive such things as respect, gratitude, love and admiration quite well. Your mission is to ultimately save your lover from a life without your love and protection.

Passion is vindication; Script is Black Knight: You have the sensitivity and delicacy within you to feel your way and create perfect love. Of course it can remain flawless only momentarily. But, that’s where your passion kicks in: You can’t accept this loss of perfection and instantly seek vindication. As a Black Knight, you don’t want to accept anything that signals the spell is broken and you’re stuck with a lesser life or a lesser love. You’re determined to redeem yourself, restore your love and prevent anything remotely like love sickness from darkening your path.

Passion is attention; Script is Drama King/Queen: You’re a person who feels born for the stage, with the spotlight squarely on you. Your passion is riveted on holding onto that place in the world because it’s the only way you feel sublime. And you believe forever in the world that your life should be regal. You deserve undivided attention and the concerted efforts of others to please you. Of course, what needs to be avoided at all costs and at all times is you feeling invisible.