Success or Failure in Love

What makes love relationships stand the test of time and surmount all sorts of difficulties is a combination of how much love the two people feel for each other and how much problem-solving ability they have. With a lot of love and a little problem-solving ability, they run the risk of love not being enough. That’s because couples have to cope with the fact that life brings troubles. With a little love and a lot of problem-solving ability, they may be able to manage their way through anything but run the risk of not wanting to bother.

Understanding the love attitudes and how the love-matches work will help you:

  • You’ll have a pretty good idea of what you can do if you want your love relationship to succeed.
  • You won’t burn out the love you have between you in frustrated attempts to figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it.

Why does love succeed? You have enough love between you and you manage your relationship. Why does it fail? One or both of those factors is missing.