More questionable dating advice

It’s just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as a poor one, so find a rich one. The thinking here probably is:

He’ll never know whether or not you’d love him even if he was poor. Poverty sucks! Rich men or poor men: They’re all the same. The only difference is your bank balance is much more comforting with the rich guy. If you ever split up you’ll be entitled to funds from him for some time to come. He’ll be happy to treat you like a princess.

The potential fallout from following this advice is:

If you’re not wealthy yourself, the reality of finding a rich man is not that easy. You need to go where people with plenty of money go and you need to go often. It’s not a great idea for you to attend these functions and look out of place, which means you need the clothes, the cabs and the freedom of a rich person. When Prince Charming eventually finds out the truth about your lack of wealth, he might be just a tad suspicious that you want him for his money. This may be especially true if he’s had to struggle hard over a period of years to accumulate his funds. He may try to put you on a strict budget in keeping with a carefully worded domestic contract. Bear in mind that sometimes money comes and goes. Ask yourself if you’d stick by him if he lost his fortune. Guaranteed: he’s asking himself if you would. If things turn very ugly, be prepared to discuss the differences between your original agenda and that of a kept woman. Of course, it does happen that a rich man and a poor woman fall truly, madly and deeply in love. The underlying premise of that love story is that money doesn’t matter; they love each other as people. With the design of falling in love with a rich man, you’ve kind-of shot holes in the romance of your meeting. You might have a very hard time with his suspicion and scrutiny over time; just like he has a hard time trusting you and letting down his guard. If you really do love each other, you can get past all of these difficulties, but it will probably take some time.

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