Letter to the Editor: Toronto Life, June 2013

Toronto Life, June 2013, Letter to the Editor, by Wendy BrownBrandon Wade, the founder and CEO of the sugar daddy dating site Seeking-Arrangement.com, made a comment in your April issue that keeps ringing in my ears: “The sugar lifestyle is sneered at by prudes because it’s so up-front about the give-and-take.” As a psychotherapist, I’d be out of business in about 30 seconds if I were a prude, but that doesn’t mean I applaud his business. His viewpoint appears to be honed precisely to suck in young women who don’t have the life experience to defend themselves properly. I’ve seen sugar babies 10 to 20 years into their lifestyle choice with shattered self-esteem and a thoroughly jaundiced view of love.

—Wendy Brown, in response to “The Sweetened Life” from Toronto Life, April 2013

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