President Trump and E.L. James

Am I the only one who sees a similarity between Donald Trump and E.L. James? He is the President of the USA and she is the author of the ’50 Shades of Grey’ trilogy. They’ve both found a niche market: Trump got 66 million votes in the election and James sold 150 million books. Many people in the mainstream and elite criticize them heavily, so heavily that you start to wonder how they hold their heads up and continue plowing forward. But, that’s exactly what they do; they pursue their goals proudly albeit as if they have blinders on. It’s entirely possible that they feed on criticism as much as praise, holding fast to the path towards vindication. And they receive enormous amounts of negative and positive attention.

Trump and James bring out a lot of the same feelings as well: At any given moment, you don’t know if you should be offended by them, embarrassed for them, stunned by their success or amazed by their accomplishments. It does really take some kind of intuition or talent to be aware of the millions upon millions of individuals who share their thoughts and feelings about the world.

I mean who knew that the USA had an appetite for such things as a Muslim ban, a border wall with Mexico, getting close to Russia and reneging on trans people’s bathroom choices? Trump knew.

And, did you realize that there were masses of people world-wide who have issues with narcissism, sadism, assertiveness and control; never mind very unusual views of love? James knew that.

So, Trump and James are passionate people and that’s how they accomplish these marvels of popularity. They use their feelings of passion to tap in to the feelings of others and they recognize those who are like-minded. This is the same mechanism used by the Red-hot Lover.

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