Red-hot Lovers are often into living fairy-tale lives

Jackie Bouvier Kennedy had a fairy-tale life in many ways, but not all.

Her father, Black Jack Bouvier, taught her how to command attention as a poised, enigmatic and beautiful woman. Her mother taught her to marry wealthy men and approved of Senator John F Kennedy. Her father was supposed to walk her down the aisle at her wedding, but instead he was at home naked, drunk and asleep. Jackie was envied by women such as Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, who vied for the role of future First Lady married to the young and gorgeous Presidential hopeful.

 Jackie scored when it came to her social standing, but she believed she was married to the world’s worst husband. On their honeymoon, Jack told her he had prostatitis, gonorrhea and chlamydia; none of which could be cured due to his Addison’s disease. Jack’s childhood gay friend, Lem Billings, was ever-present to give him full body massages and blow jobs. Then there was Jack’s constant womanizing and orgies, which included famous women, unknown women and plenty of hookers. He’d pick up women right in front of Jackie. Jack explained that he didn’t think he’d live to be 40 due to his illnesses and his back trouble; he wanted to get everything he could out of life.

 In 1957, Jackie found out she was pregnant again. Jack got home at 1:00 a.m.; she had been drinking heavily and was dressed only in her slip. She yelled at him about his womanizing inside and outside the house. In response he brought her inside, wrapped her in a blanket and gave her brandy. Plus, he contacted Valleyhead, a private psychiatric facility. She was drugged and committed to the hospital for a week, receiving three applications of electroconvulsive therapy to treat her depression. John didn’t visit her because he didn’t want to draw attention to her stay there. He also wasn’t home when she was released and she said she was more depressed then than when she went into the hospital.

 As the First Lady, Jackie became the most photographed woman in the world, admired for her style and grace. Her revitalization of the White House was considered first class and brought her all sorts of acclaim. As time went on, she had affairs with men like William Holden, Rudolph Nureyev and Aristotle Onassis. She lived the life. And that was what she wanted: Being a cultured, privileged, desired first lady married to the sexy, powerful and wealthy leader of the free world. Talk about a fairy-tale life!

Jackie was a true Red-hot Lover. She wanted the fairy tale so badly that she was willing to pay a huge price for it.

Some of this information is from the book ‘Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’.

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