What is love anyway?

Well, it’s easy enough to know what love isn’t:

Have you ever been on a date with somebody who is just head over heels in love with you? And your only thought is ‘Meh.’

Were you ever in a once happy love relationship and somehow or other you just lost that loving feeling? Then you found out what it feels like when you cross the invisible line in the sand that means you’re done.

You feel a cold resistance, or an active refusal to be receptive to a loving connection. You just have a barrier. More than anything you feel as if you just want to turn away and you actually have a sense of relief when you do.

So, what is love?

Love is an emotional bond or closeness; it can be nice, warm and steady or powerful, magnetic and electrifying. It feels forever in the world like a very pleasant or exciting personal treasure. And that treasure is all wrapped up in feelings of inner knowing, truth and peace.

When you love and you are loved, you have the greatest and most magnificent victory known to a person on this planet. You have succeeded in feeling an exquisite intimacy and a deep fulfillment.

Love makes you feel as though your happiness could overflow at any moment.  There’s nothing that can compare to the completely ridiculous but very real joy you experience over every little thing. Love is simply a crazy wonderful feeling.

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